“What is reality? Is it what we believe, our faith and the miracles we have experienced? Is it our intuition or gut feeling? Some may say reality is only that which is tangible, or that which is physical. Something is physical when it has: an occupation of space; has some form to it; and can exist in time. It can be measured in distance, time and form. Physical elicits things somewhere in time and space.

Some may say reality in the norm, or the law, authorities, anything that is repetitive, predictable, the consensus, what experts say, and/or what is logical. However, norms, and the laws our governments and countries created all fall under an agreement. People make agreements of what is right or wrong, healthy or unhealthy, what’s trendy and what’s not, etc., and most agree and call it reality. The truth is WE LIVE IN A UNIVERSE OF AGREEMENTS. One agreement is physical and the other is linguistic. Being human seems to often be a function of agreements and agreements are transformable, thus human beings are transformable. Entertain the idea that THERE IS NO REALITY INDEPENDENT OF LANGUAGE. IT ALL ARISES IN LANGUAGE. Whether reality is physical, an agreement, or spiritual it is all described and understood through language.

With this idea presented, I encourage you to REALIZE THE POWER OF YOUR WORD AND YOUR SPEECH. Use your language to create the life you want. To speak your best intentions into existence and act in accordance with your word in be integrity. Commit to your word. Your word has much more power than you realize. Try creating a positive affirmation or mantra and chant that daily, or pick one word and say that word on one tone. Take a deep breath in say the word as you breath out as long as you can. Repeat that process. It will ground you, give you a feeling of lightness, and better align you with the word that you are toning. Embrace your power in the things you say!

I wish you much love and Light. Stay bright!”

-Roxanne Christian, MTA, MT-BC