Try experimenting with altering your undesirable experiences by changing the way you perceive the experience. Your actions, or your way of being and acting is a correlate of the way in which what you engage with occurs for you. In other words, this statement is saying who you are is related to how you think, feel, speak, perceive, and interpret situations. How you interact with your experiences. In fact, how you interact with your experiences is how it occurs to you. We can shift our occurrences, or alter our undesirable experiences by changing the conversation of our situations or experiences.

Over the next few weeks, whenever something undesirable happens to you, try changing the conversation you have about it or how you interact with it. Below are some tips or things you can be aware of to help the conversation be more edifying, productive, uplifting, and peaceful.

Ask yourself:

What is this experience teaching me
What are the facts about this situation (not how I feel about it, but what is actually happening)
Am I adding additional meaning to what is happening
Am I able to accept what is going on so I can move on
How can I bring peace to this situation
How can I be still and just listen in this experience
Can I try to let go of my position; justifying myself and condemning or invalidating another
Can I drop my ego even if I AM RIGHT and let go of being “right’ or “wrong” and just BE
Can I free myself and just chose the experience for what it is and what it isn’t
Experiment with the above questions when or even after an undesirable experience happens to see how it may alter the way in which it occurs for you, how you interact with it, and how you become from it. Have fun with this. Be light. Free from too much thinking and seriousness. Just experiment by having a different conversation of what is happening to you.

Be blessed, be beautiful. Peace and love.

Roxanne Christian