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How Positive Delusions Can Help You to Reach Your Goals

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A positive delusion could be viewed as merely a very positive attitude. Now, you might think that’s just being inaccurate and lying to yourself. You might be right, but the science is clear on this matter.

Studies have shown that people who overestimate their skills, abilities, and talents for a new endeavor ultimately perform at a higher level than those that are more realistic or pessimistic about succeeding at that endeavor.

Those that overestimate their abilities learn skills better and are more successful. This isn’t too surprising. If you don’t think you’re good at something and that you can’t learn to do it well, you’re going to be less motivated and engaged in learning that activity.

Conversely, if you expect the best, you’re going to jump in and get busy mastering that new skill. With high expectations – even unjustly high expectations – you’re greatly enhancing your odds of success.

Use these tips to use positive delusions for your benefit:

  1. Positive delusions give hope. When you tell yourself, “Things will improve if I just hang in there,” you give yourself the hope you require to keep trying and to persevere. It’s always possible that things won’t improve, but if you believe they will, you give yourself a much better chance of success.

    • Think about what you would do instead if you were very pessimistic. You’d be without hope. Do you think that would make you more likely to succeed or less likely?

  1. Assuming the best can allow you to take action. When you have high expectations, you put yourself in the position to take action. Whether you’re interested in learning to play the banjo or talking to an attractive stranger, you can move forward if you believe that something positive will happen.

    • If you had low expectations, would you be willing to take action?
  1. Keep in mind that most of your beliefs are at least partially delusional. Your knowledge and interpretations of your past experiences are far from perfect. There’s little that you believe to be true that’s actually true. We’re all operating under various delusions.

  2. Limit your negative self-talk. Negativity kills. It kills your spirit, motivation, and future. Put a damper on negative self-talk before it has a chance to gain momentum. Once it begins, immediately turn your attention to something else.

  3. Think about the kind of person you want to become. Consider the goals you have in your life and think about what type of person you need to be in order to attain those goals. What qualities and characteristics do you need to possess? See yourself as already having those qualities.

  4. Visualize success. One of the easiest ways to create a positive delusion is to visualize yourself succeeding. Imagine overcoming every possible obstacle. Imagine yourself confidently achieving success. This is one of the best ways to use positive delusions to your advantage.

  5. Believe that having positive delusions is in your best interest. Remind yourself that being practical and realistic can be very limiting. Being optimistic and overestimating your abilities can be very effective in the long term.

There’s a time to be practical and realistic. But that time might not be as often as you think.

Overestimating your abilities and the likelihood of your success can be a powerful way to improve your results. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt on a regular basis and see how it affects your life. You can always go back to more pessimistic ways if you want.

There’s a saying that goes Reach for the stars and you’ll hit the sky. I say “reach into the Universe and you’ll certainly hit the stars”.

Choose what works rather than what makes sense. Perform an optimism experiment on yourself and review the results.

If You are stuck try this tool to aid in your success. Catch it here now.

Just remember to Love you Life,

Roxanne Christian

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When Things Don’t Go as Planned


When faced with an undesired situation see the situation as not what you feel it is, but as e new possibility that you will choose it to be.  In doing so you are practicing shifting the experience or what is occurring for you to something else.  Something more uplifting, edifying and more desirable; something you can learn and grow from.

Everything we experience occurs to us in language as we describe the events and feelings, and interpret through language.  Everything can be changed in language by changing the way you speak about the experience, assigning new language to experience to create a new possibility of what is.

Practice creating your life with the language you chose to assign to your experiences.

Be blessed, be beautiful!  Love and Light.  Stay bright!

Roxanne Christian

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Being Authentic


When you think of the word “Authentic”, what comes to mind?  Before reading on, take a moment to describe ways in which you are authentic. The Oxford Living Dictionary provides several definitions of “authentic”.  Here are a few: Of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine; Based on facts; accurate or reliable; (in existentialist philosophy) Relating to or denoting an emotionally appropriate, significant, purposive, and responsible mode of human life.  List some ways in which you are genuine, original, reliable, emotionally appropriate, and a responsible human…

When you think of the word “Integrity”, what comes to mind?  Before reading on, take a moment to describe ways in which you are in integrity. The Oxford Living Dictionary provides several definitions of “integrity”.  Here are a few: The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; The state of being whole and undivided; The condition of being unified or sound in construction.  List some ways in which you are honest, strong, whole, focused to a task or a conversation at hand, or feeling whole…

Let’s set a goal of seeing how long we can be an authentic person of integrity.  What would that look like, feel like, what would you be thinking, what kind of dialogue would you hold in your head, what would you do differently? Remember, being something is different than doing something.  In the being of something you just are.  You make it happen with no excuses (good or bad, true or false, real or not) it’s just you.  You think, feel, speak, and meditate on being the very thing you want.  You take certain actions that bring the intention about.  If the thing you chose to be authentic and in integrity with does not manifest as you intend, you can either accept it and move on (be okay with that choice), or you can set a new goal to create that authentic person of integrity you desire and chose to be.  Just practice being true and follow through with the goal until it happens.  Start small, and then go big!  Involve someone to keep you accountable, or to simply remind you of who you chose to BE.

Love and Light.  Stay Bright!  Roxanne Christian~

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Dreams Come True


Hello and welcome great individual!   This song is called Dreams Come True.  Be encouraged to take some time to write down some of your goals.  Short term, intermediate, and long term.  Make sure your goals are specific and clear with an ideal deadline.  Do your best to make them measurable.  For example, the frequency of how many times you will do something.  Maybe it’s the duration of how long you will do something, or possibly an interval.  For example, every other day I will…  Especially with your short terms goals tackle the easiest thing first.  You’ll get a sense of accomplishment, a quicker gratification that will propel momentum to keep you going.  Move beyond your fear.  Take a step if you dare!  Love and Light.  Stay bright!

Roxanne Christian

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