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When Things Don’t Go as Planned


When faced with an undesired situation see the situation as not what you feel it is, but as e new possibility that you will choose it to be.  In doing so you are practicing shifting the experience or what is occurring for you to something else.  Something more uplifting, edifying and more desirable; something you can learn and grow from.

Everything we experience occurs to us in language as we describe the events and feelings, and interpret through language.  Everything can be changed in language by changing the way you speak about the experience, assigning new language to experience to create a new possibility of what is.

Practice creating your life with the language you chose to assign to your experiences.

Be blessed, be beautiful!  Love and Light.  Stay bright!

Roxanne Christian

livelovelife_adminWhen Things Don’t Go as Planned
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Inventing a New You


Imagine being able to have a makeover without the expense of a new wardrobe, a personal trainer, or investing time and money in a course.  Well, you can DIY through the power of your word.  First thing in the morning when you wake up simply state: “I am the possibility of….(insert who you desire to be).  Here are some examples:

  • I am the possibility of joy and peace
  • I am the possibility of power
  • I am the possibility of excitement and energy
  • I am the possibility of vitality, health, and wellness
  • I am the possibility of acceptance and fluidity
  • I am the possibility of….you get the picture the possibilities are endless!

Once you’ve stated your possibility, then state:

  1. What your intention for the day is
  2. What you are looking forward to, and
  3. What you are grateful for

Doing this is more powerful when done with two or more people.  It becomes even more powerful when done daily.  Do your best to pick a time and go through this process at the same time daily.  You’ll start to notice that when your mind is wandering during the day, or when you’re discouraged, unfocussed, or not satisfied with who you are, this morning routine redirects your focus and realigns you with your intention for the day.  AS this practice becomes habitual you begin to think, act, and be the possibility that you create for yourself with your word.  You can always change your possibility depending on your needs and feelings of the day.

Here’s an example of the conversation.  I am Roxanne.  I am the possibility of inspiration, balance, health, and empowerment.  My intention is to be productive and efficient today.  I look forward to going to bed early.  I am grateful for my family.  It’s that simple.  Give it a try my friends.

Love and light.  Stay bright.

Roxanne Christian~

livelovelife_adminInventing a New You
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